PCAM Blue Chip – Evidence of our hedge funds expertise

PCAM Blue Chip Ltd., an offshore Fund-of-Hedge-Funds (FoHF) managed by Prime AIFM Lux S.A., is an example of Prime Capital’s extensive expertise in the selection of (offshore) hedge fund managers and portfolio designs.

Cost-effective access to active asset management

PCAM Blue Chip was launched in October 2007 as an alternative to traditional FoHFs for institutional investors. The focus of the portfolio lies in the careful selection of “Best-in-Class managers” combined with proactive portfolio designs and systematic risk management. Since the launch, first class results have been achieved.

One of the most successful hedge fund portfolios worldwide

The attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns convinced not only our investors but also numerous professional journals. PCAM Blue Chip achieved more than 20 awards of international leading publications.

The success of the PCAM Blue Chip Portfolio is based on the following properties which, in our experience, lead to the extraordinary performance in this segment:

  • Focus on creating added-value through accurately selected “Best-in-Class managers” in combination with a proactive portfolio strategy and systematic risk management
  • Strong emphasis on a stringent implementation of investment processes – no pro-cyclical action based on short-term market views
  • Low fees and a favorable cost structure, enabling investors to benefit from the added-value in the best possible manner

Risks and target customers

Investments in FoHFs are accompanied by numerous risks, which, according to the regulating authority, can only be adequately recorded, assessed, and managed by (semi-) professional investors. In particular this refers to the use of debt capital (leverage), short sales, and illiquid stocks / financial instruments, which may lead to increased losses. For this reason, shares of PCAM Blue Chip are only offered to (semi-) professional investors.