Prime Green Energy Infrastructure Fund S.A.

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Prime Green Energy Infrastructure Fund S.A.

The Prime Green Energy Infrastructure Fund invests in large scale wind-powered energy assets in the Nordic countries, with no reliance on government support and with the lowest levelized cost of electricity in Europe.

Our approach

The fund aims to secure assets in their late development stage and exploit their full return potential by employing a value-add strategy. This strategy includes the optimisation of permits, layouts and technology, together with full contract tendering whilst striking the optimal balance between long-term financing and merchant risk. The Fund has a cooperation understanding with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energies S.A., a leading wind turbine manufacturer, to identify and secure attractive opportunities at an early stage, and collaborate in the technical optimization of the projects. The objective of the fund is to achieve 8-10% net of fees over the lifetime of the fund of 10 years.

Prime Green Energy Infrastructure Fund at a glance

  • Investing in some of the most stable global economies, with a strongly growing demand for electricity and ambitious climate goals
  • Geared to superior market returns compared to other renewable energy investments in Europe through a flexible value-add strategy
  • Potential for large-scale investments and some of the best wind resources in Europe enhance return potential
  • No reliance on government support
  • Decreased merchant price risk due to the lowest levelized cost of electricity achievable in Europe
  • Concentrated strategy suitable for investors with infrastructure and renewables experience
  • The fund received a Second Party Opinion from Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG research, ratings and analysis
  • Team with excellent track record and one of the top 5 renewable investors in the Nordic countries to date
EUR 500m
Target size
10 jahre +
Fund life
8-10% net
Equity IRR target

Fund facts

Legal structure: SICAV RAIF
Inception date: June 2020
Geographic focus: Nordics
Fund currency: EUR

Fund facts

Legal structure: SICAV RAIF
Inception date: Juni 2020
Geograpgic focus: Skandinavien
Fund currency: EUR


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