Hedge Fund Solutions

Hedge Funds are an effective tool for active asset and risk management. They should be seen in the overall context of a portfolio and are not a standalone asset class.

Our approach to managing risk effectively

The ideal portfolio should be based on integrated capital allocation with clear-cut objectives, rather than being just a collection of individual funds. A portfolio should be built around risk drivers and not around classification criteria such as asset classes or regions. Our Hedge Fund solutions are structured at every stage of their development in such a way that risk can be controlled effectively.

Manager selection is key

The selection of a specific hedge fund manager and the decision to invest should depend on the extent to which the manager fits the mandate and how likely they are to achieve the overall investment objectives. This means, among other things, that the returns expected from the manager should be consistent with the associated risk and the estimated fees.

Our key strengths:

  • Track record of investing in Hedge Funds (and solutions) going back many years
  • Maximum transparency with regard to investments and risk parameters
  • Asset-based fees for all ongoing services; incentive schemes are aligned to your interests
  • Higher net returns through more transparency, control and cost efficiency
  • Ongoing systematic monitoring of investments