Building a Diversified Portfolio

Prime Capital has developed a strong presence in the energy sector in Europe. We developed projects and invested in Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Finland on behalf of our clients.

With the continuing interest to build up renewable generation capacity we see further capital requirement in the renewable energy sector. Investment opportunities are available to Prime Capital and its clients in the following countries:


Germany is the most advanced European country for renewable energy. Projects offer a low risk profile based on a 20 year Feed-in Tariff. German development companies have a strong track record in development, construction and operation or assets. In addition, contractual standards have been established that offer efficiency in closing transactions.

There are opportunities to invest in small and medium size, bilateral projects as well as larger portfolios awarded through auction.

Sweden and Norway

Sweden and Norway are far advanced regarding renewable energy. These countries offer high wind and hydro resources and projects benefit from additional green certificates, increasing the revenues. There is a well-developed market for bilateral PPAs, enabling risk-return optimisation.

In Norway and Sweden, Prime Capital is working for its investors on opportunities to invest in mid to large-scale wind and hydro projects.

Prime Capital is a pioneer in enabling environmentally sustainable energy use and production. Activities we undertake on behalf of our investors will contribute to growth in local communities, create new jobs and positive socio economic effects.


France is following Germany with regards to renewable energy policy and recently set-up an attractive Contract-for-Difference system. A large number of projects are now coming to market. The country operates an auction system for large projects while small projects benefits from a long-term, high and indexed tariff for up to 20 years.

There are attractive opportunities to invest in small to mid-size wind and solar projects in France.


The Spanish renewable energy market experienced a strong acceleration in 2017 with the recent launch of several auctions in both, onshore wind and solar PV. The state is delivering a floor price for the electricity produced enabling bank financing. In addition a private PPA can be structured to optimise the risk-return profile for investors.

In Spain, Prime Capital is working on large-scale wind and solar projects with superior resources that are delivering sustainable renewable energy and attractive return on investments.

Renewable Energy in the Spanish Market


Project Nordlys: Our ESG Standard

We are nearing completion on project Nordlys, located in Northern Norway, a benchmark project for Prime Capital’s green infrastructure strategy. Our strategy will be made available to a broader investor base next year through a new fund. In this video we explain how we build our projects under the highest ESG standards.