Infrastructure Investment and Asset Management Team

The Infrastructure business, including investment and asset management, is an important pillar of the sustainable and stable business model of Prime Capital AG.

The company began to develop this business segment in 2010, having recognised early institutional investors’ growing interest in “real assets” that deliver a positive socio-economic and environmental impact, beyond traditional real estate investments. From the start, Prime Capital focused on the “renewable energy” segment because it delivers tangible environmental and socio-economic benefits. Prime Capital recruited experienced investment professionals with a broad background in energy and infrastructure.

Today a team of 11 investment professionals with a track record in development, project finance, investment and operations, work as an integrated team on executing our clients’ investment strategies. We have a track record across all European jurisdictions and across on- and off-shore wind, hydro and solar PV. We have worked on development portfolios and closed complex multi-contract deals both with project finance and all-equity capital structures.

Our focus is on de-risking investments by structuring long-term contracts with strong investment grade counterparties. We follow a conservative approach to making assumptions with regards to future electricity price and operating costs. We run extensive sensitivity scenarios on state of the art financial models, that display both up and downside scenarios to our investors and clients.
We work in a transparent and open book approach with our business partners and investors, creating a relationship of trust that enables repeat business and long term cooperation.

The investment and asset management team is led by Dr. Mathias Bimberg, an experienced infrastructure professional and PhD at the Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen. He has got more than 13 years experience in financing and restructuring infrastructure projects across all sectors in Europe. The team consists of professionals with backgrounds from development companies, advisory firms, private equity companies and project finance banks. Incentive structures are such to support alignment with investors, attract high calibre talent and ensure staff continuity and retention.

Prime Capital and Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR)

Prime Capital recognises the importance of identifying, assessing and managing environmental and social issues as an integral part of conducting business for our clients.

Prime Capital endorses the use of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines for ESR reporting, with a special focus on measurable criteria. We aim at integrating a wide range of IRIS metrics from the Global Impact Investing Network in our Investment assessment process and reporting practice. We believe that a focus on measurable ESR criteria provides independent, fair and objective visibility, which enables direct year-on-year comparison of the overall ESR performance of a Portfolio and offers a transparent assessment of each investment decision´s impact.

Investment and Asset Management Services

Prime Capital provides investment and asset management services to clients in Germany and across the globe. According to investors’ preferences and portfolio composition, Prime Capital is building and managing infrastructure and renewable energy portfolios. We are providing professional asset management services over the life-time of the assets to optimise both the technical performance and capital structure over time. We work according to the requirements and interests of our clients with regard to the technology, target countries, capital structure and risk-profile.

Our commitment to renewable energy production is an example of this. We are a long-term player who build trust in our environment.


Project Nordlys: Our ESG Standard

We are nearing completion on project Nordlys, located in Northern Norway, a benchmark project for Prime Capital’s green infrastructure strategy. Our strategy will be made available to a broader investor base next year through a new fund. In this video we explain how we build our projects under the highest ESG standards.

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