Attractive investments across markets and cycles

Credit Opportunities Managers capitalize on attractive investment opportunities in all phases of the capital market cycle, including temporarily difficult market environments.

Profits, regardless of the general market situation

Crisis situations in certain industries or companies can offer attractive opportunities for investment entries – regardless of the general capital market environment. Credit Opportunities Managers differ from Private Equity managers in that they mainly invest in credit instruments, and fast exits are not required. Especially for institutional investors, we have created the Credit Opportunities Fund, in order to take advantage of these circumstances.

In addition, the Credit Opportunities Fund benefits from the adverse regulatory environment for banks as well as from the need for sustainable balance sheet reductions.

Our fund capitalizes on investment opportunities over the entire credit spectrum. These include:

  • Credits and loans of rated and non-rated companies
  • Investments in loans with high default risk
  • Restructuring and liquidations of companies
  • Structured loans
  • Credit Portfolios of banks

Advantages, thanks to our top-class managers

Our investment strategy Is directed by our pool of well-established, global Credit Opportunities Managers. Their aim is to generate capital growth through the acquisition of positions at significant discounts. In order to achieve this, challenging situations for single companies or entire industries are drawn upon. Additionally, our managers typically influence the restructuring of affected companies.

Credit Opportunities Managers have a broad investment mandate and the flexibility to invest across the entire capital structure. Against this background and due to the above-mentioned requirements, only very well-established managers with proven experience and a track record in the relevant regions and industries are considered for the management of our investments – and are selected accordingly